Discover Highest Quality Diamond Simulant Stones at Lady Karat

For individuals looking for a beautiful substitute for actual diamonds, finding a store that sells the greatest quality stones in jewelry is important when it comes to diamond simulants. For those who are looking to purchase amazing diamond imitation stones for someone, Lady Karat stands out as a reliable and trusted jewelry store that offers Cubic Zirconia, and other outstanding selections for diamond simulant jewelries.

One of the most reputable jewelry stores, particularly in Manila, is Lady Karat. It is also well-known for its extensive collection of affordable priced jewelry, which gives customers a wide variety of options. This store is ideal for you when it comes to shapes, sizes, and cuts that will undoubtedly suit your taste in jewelry, whether you’re looking for a cubic zirconia, which are fantastic alternatives for a diamond.

They provide everything from jewelry for kids to adult accessories, hair accessories, brooches, and more! A few of the items are also on sale and discounted. You can find all of the minimalist, aesthetic, and elegant looking jewelries in their store! Don’t worry if you’re worrying about the quality of the jewelry as Lady Karat values its customers. They are dedicated to giving you high-quality products so it is time to check more of their products! To ensure that they meet their customer needs and uphold their high standards, they put each diamond-like stone through many tests and quality assurance procedures. They guarantee to produce something that is durable, beautiful, and equal to natural diamonds.

If you are still worrying about the quality of their jewelry accessories, the store’s staff is well-versed in the unique characteristics and qualities of each simulant stone they offer. If ever you are not sure what you want to buy, they help customers make informed decisions based on their preferences, desired appearance, and budget. So you can choose the highest quality diamond simulants that suit your individual needs.

They offer simulant diamonds that possess the finest grades of color and clarity. Cuts are on the exact proportions. Did you know that 70% of millennials are willing to consider simulant diamonds as they do not bring about any harmful effects on the environment as it is a conflict-free jewelries. They are also easily sustainable so you don’t have to worry on how long you can keep a jewelry with diamond simulant. They are extremely hard, and durable, with strength almost similar to a real diamond which is why it is good for everyday use. With the appropriate care and cleaning of your jewelry, it can last for years, or even for more years!

How to take care of your Diamond Simulants:

  • Store your pieces individually.

It’s best to store each piece of jewelry individually and not in a pile in your jewelry box or on your nightstand. This keeps them from rubbing against each other which can scratch the metal and possibly damage the stones. You can also keep each piece in its own jewelry pouch, or even in a small zip lock bag.

  • Remove your jewelry before showering/bathing.

Things like soap, shampoo, perfume, and lotions may be great for your skin and hair, but they don’t belong on your fine jewelry. They’ll only make your gemstones look dull and dingy.

  • Remove your jewelry before bed.

Take it off at night before you prepare for bed and put it on in the morning after you get yourself ready for your day. This is a great way to avoid exposing your pieces to things like makeup and lotions, and also reduces wear.

  • Remove jewelry during tasks.

Remove your fine jewelry before performing tasks such as gardening, cleaning, lifting heavy items, etc. This will prevent damage and exposure to dirt and chemicals that may harm your jewelry.

If you are looking for an affordable jewelry store, then you should try visiting Lady Karat! Whatever occasions you have, they have the perfect jewelries with diamond simulant stones for you! 

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