Diamond Simulants: Brooches and how to style it!

One item that people, particularly ladies, can’t live without jewelry. They wear it everywhere they go. In addition to the popular necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, there are also items known as brooches.

Ever heard of Brooches? If not, then continue reading this article to know what Brooches is and how you can style it with your everyday outfit!

It’s a specialty item to wear a brooch. While it may not be the most popular jewel for others, most famous people and business people undoubtedly like it. It quickly reflects your style and individuality and can be worn by both men and women from head to toe, day or night. Due to their versatility, brooches have been used as pendants, sashes, belts, overcoats, caps, scarves, and even ball gown dresses.

If you’ve ever seen any vintage movies from the 1950s and 1960s, you’ll notice that women frequently wear brooches to make them look more elegant.

If brooches are new to you, then I am telling you, Brooches can make any of your outfits more significant and empowered!

What are Brooches?

Brooches is an ornamental pin that typically has a clasp to fasten it to clothing. In areas that had been a part of the Roman Empire, brooches that resembled safety pins were created from the Roman Clasp, or fibula.

What Brooches are made of?
Typically, it is constructed of metal, frequently silver or gold or another substance. It is usually embellished with enamel or jewels, and they may be worn just for decoration or as a clothing fastener. Currently, diamond simulants are used to make brooches since they are less expensive and conflict-free.

Why are Brooches loved by women?

They are feminine.
Despite what is often believed, both men and women can wear brooches. However, after the 19th century, it grew extravagant and gained widespread recognition as lovely accessories for women’s hats, gowns, jackets, and even gloves.

They have a vintage, demure vibe.
Some individuals think brooches are a little out of date. However, antique enthusiasts say they are not old; they are gold! It enables you to exhibit your demure, romantic, dreamy, and stylish style, as they say. They have a fun, refined, and stylish appearance.

They are not common.
Since brooches aren’t the most common accessories, wearing some of them might make you stand out from the crowd. If you wear this type of jewelry, it might give the impression that you are a refined and successful woman because it glamourizes your appearance.

They will give you a big visual impact.
Now is your time to try some of it if you’d want to switch out from statement necklaces and large earrings. Attach a brooch or two on your hat, bag, or blouse. You can always combine and match your brooches to match your outfit. That’s all, then! Watch as people are awestruck by you!

How to style your brooches?


Jacket, coat, and sweater
The right or left upper bodice, halfway between the shoulder and the jacket opening, is where it is worn on a jacket.

Dress up your plain bag
If you have plain bags or purses, add it in the upper right, left, or in the middle part of the bag to make it more eye-pleasing.

Instead of using a headband, using a hat whether it is a beret, knit cap, or a formal hat, just don’t forget to partner it with brooches so it can add more glamor to your look.

You can also use it as a hair accessory. Hair ornaments are popular especially in weddings, parties, and formal occasions. Attach a little bling on your ponytail!

Dress, Blouse, or Shirt
Dresses, blouses, and shirts can all be accessorized with it, but it’s important to take care not to snag the fabric of the blouse with the brooch’s pin.

Instead of using a belt, you can use this as an alternative so it can’t ruin your look. Just simply estimate where you can put it in the middle part of your top or jeans.

Scarf, Bandanas, and Gloves
Pin your it at the end of your scarf, bandanas or gloves. It will surely add more color to your top and appearance.

Place them on your denim jeans as it will look good and will add glitz and glam to your plain jeans! It will surely draw attention to your whole look!

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